May 4, 2014


Three years ago I went on a school trip to London. I liked the city a lot and the people were very nice. It was almost christmas time and that means in London that the whole city is decorated with lights and other awesome stuff. Really beautiful! I hope that one day I will go back and stay a little bit longer, because we only went for a few days and that was actually too short. 'See more' for the pictures of my trip and a list of things you definitely need to do if you'll go to London.

Must sees in London:

>- Oxford street. If you like shopping! Especially with christmas time this is the place to be, there are lights and beautiful decorations everywhere

>- Abbey road for the Beatle fans! The worlds famous pedestrian crossing is over there

>- Go to an old pub/restaurant for the best Fish and Chips! It's cosy in such a place and the food is delicious

>- Visit the 'Notting hill' bookstore, known from the movie with Hugh Grant. I didn't went there because there was not enough time.. a reason to go back :)

>- Harrods, the warehouse full of luxury. Very expensive but it's worth a look. I bought an amazing pillow with the Union jack on it as a souvenir

>- Make a photo next to a red telephone cell! Before I went to London this was a kind of a dream to me, came true! 

>- I do not have to tell you that you need to see the Big Ben.. you WILL see it because the building is so big that you can't miss it

 >- Last but not least; Ride on top of a double decker bus. I can not believe that I didn't do this... OK I definitely need to go back!