May 1, 2014


You might think: A pizza made of cauliflower? How the hell tastes that! And I can tell you... IT IS VERY DELICIOUS! The taste of the cauliflower doesn't dominate so you don't actually realize that it's so healthy haha. I like tuna and parmesan cheese so I used that for the topping. You can create the topping you like of course. Next time I'm going to use chicken, unions and grated cheese. 'See more' for the recipe and pictures where you might get hungry from. :)

Recipe for the pizza 

>- Preheat your oven to 250 degrees 

>- Cut the cauliflower into small pieces and put them into a blender

>- Turn on the blender and wait until you see really small cauliflower crumbles

>- Mix your crumbles with two eggs till it is a kind of paste

>- Put the paste in a tin or on a griddle and put it in the oven for twenty minutes

>- Take it out of the oven and add your topping. I used tuna, paprika, tomato sauce, italian herbs, parmesan cheese and zucchini. 

>- Put it back in the oven and wait until your topping is finished, the time depends on the topping you used. The tuna needed fifteen minutes to be nice and crispy

>- Take it out of the oven and enjoy!