Jun 14, 2014


I went to three cinema's in one day! How cool is that! But I wasn't there to see the movies... I had a shoot for students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute! The theme is film inspired and it was all about the lingerie. The amazing Valerie Hannwacker and Katrien Fabry are the art directors and Sien van Look made the stunning pictures. Rajae Beauty was in charge of the make-up and hair and she made me look like a real lady, so funny! 

When I came home my mom said: OMG Jamie you look like a queen. So that worked out well. Haha! The locations were beautiful, first we shot at the 'Tuschinski' cinema and after that we went to the retro cinema 'Rialto'. We also shot at the 'Marie-Stella-Maris' entrance. We worked from 8:00 till 20:00, so the results may be good haha. The serie is going to be @ the magazine from AMFI.