Aug 18, 2014


In Thailand I fell in love with the delicious food! (Miss it already) So when I came back home I wanted to make some Thai dishes myself, especially the one with chicken and cashew-nuts (Gai Pad Med Ma Muang). This evening I tried to make it myself, and it worked out well. Not as good as the Thai cook but hey, it was great! With some improvements it's going to be perfect. What you'll need to make this dish? Not that much: Olive oil, garlic, chili, chicken, paprika, spring unions, unions, carrot, fish sauce, oyster sauce and cashew-nuts. Of course it is possible to add some rice, but I don't like it that much anymore after one month ha ha! 

Recipe for the Thai chicken-cashew

>- Put oil into a wok or pan and add the garlic and chili peper 

>- Add chicken, unions, paprika and carrot

>- When the chicken is crispy you can add the sauce and cashew-nuts 

>- Put everything in a nice bowl with or without your rice :)