Oct 6, 2014


The best way to collect your most awesome moments: A photo book!
Last summer I went to Thailand to be a volunteer at ElephantsWorld and I thought it would be so nice to have a photo book of all my experiences.

I made this one at WEBPRINT, they have an amazing tool to personalize your book and edit your pictures. It is very easy and the results are stunning. When I received the photo book I was very happy! The quality of the pictures was above my expectations and my own edits and designs looked very cool. Another awesome thing about the book is that the paper is very thick, almost indestructible! This is very important for me because I am good at destroying things.. and a photo book needs to last for a long time. Perfect!

Photo books are so cool because you can look at it every time you want. When you just have your pictures on your laptop or computer it's not that special to look at. If you also want to make your pictures more special you can take a look at the WEBPRINT website. Quality guaranteed!