Mar 19, 2015

>> Glasses for laptop addicts

These E-Polette glasses allow you to keep being a screen addict


This is the E-polette: E-Ferguson! These amazing glasses are especially made to protect your eyes from laptop and smartphone screens. Artificial light and blue rays coming from screens are very harmful to the eye, and that is why I wanted to protect mine with these cool glasses from Polette.

The average person checks his smartphone 150 times a day, and spends 8 hours behind a computer and TV on daily basis. The glasses are acting as a 40% filter against blue light and and reproducing natural light to allow you to keep being that cool screen addict. 

Polette is an amazing webshop full with glasses, sunglasses and accessoires. They own the lowest prices on the market, now I can imagine that you wonder how that is possible! I will tell you: they use factory prices. The cheapest shades are 6,99, that's nothing right? They have a lot of original frames and cool designs.
Here is to all the screen addicts: order your own amazing E-Polette, and get rid of your migraine and eyestrain.

The E-Polette I am wearing is called the E-Ferguson. You can buy this awesome frame at the webshop of Polette for only $29,99.