Mar 26, 2015

>> What a view

Some of us are lucky to have a view like this...

S O M E    O  F    U S   A R E N ' T

Add a nice poster of the view you like to your interior and you've created your own perfect view. Above here you can see the idea. This is what I am going to do in my own house as well!

I ordered a 'Manhattan Skyline At Night' Poster at Posters.nl for my own interior. This websites has a huge variety of city views of good quality. The costs are also a lot cheaper than moving to New York or Manhattan :)

Some examples:

I just moved to Amsterdam so there is still a lot of work to do when it comes to my interior design. When my walls are perfectly paint I can adjust my awesome poster from posters.nl to my wall. A little bit of Manhattan vibes in my cozy apartment in Amsterdam, looking forward to it! 

When the view is added to my room I will of course show you some pictures of it. In the meantime you can order your own view to make your house an even more special place.