Apr 4, 2015


For all the people who think that it's hard to cook a Thai meal...

I T    R E A L L Y   I S N' T


Thai Chicken Curry

At first I will explain where the dish is about! The main ingredients are chicken, green curry, coconut cream and a Thai inspired sate sauce. The flavor is a bit spicy but green curry isn't that hot. If you want to spice it up you can use red curry instead. I used the green one to make sure that everyone can handle it. I love the taste of the coconut and curry in combination with the Thai sate sauce. You must try! I will show you how in this blogpost.


This amazing dish inspired me when I was in Thailand myself, when I got back home I had to try it myself because I really missed it. My first thought was that it would be impossible to cook as good as the Thai people, but in fact it isn't that hard. It became my favorite recipe and when I have friends or family coming over they always ask if I can make this dish, so... it must be good! :)


3 persons - 60 min 

What You'll Need:

- Green curry paste
- Cocosbutter
- Chicken (I prefere drumsticks and chicken-thighs)
- Coconut cream (1 can)
- Carrots, unions, mushrooms
- Garlic, salt and pepper
- Cashew-nuts
- Peanutbutter
- Sunflower oil
- Rice to serve it with 

- Cooking pan
- Sauce pan
- Baking dish
- Oven

The Instructions:

1: Put two tablespoons of Cocosbutter in a pan, wait until it's hot and then add the chicken
2: Add garlic, salt and pepper to the chicken and bake it until the chicken is golden brown
3: It's time for the green curry paste and coconut cream! Add this also to your chicken pan. I use four tablespoons of green curry and half of a Coconut cream can. 

4: Add your vegetables to the chicken pan and let it cook for about 15 minutes. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.
5: Put everything in a baking dish and place it in the oven. Add also the cashew-nuts now. If you have the option 'top heat' use that one, it will give your chickens a crunchy crust. Leave your dish it in the oven until the chicken is done. (You can cook some rice in the meantime if you like)
6: For making the Thai Sate sauce you'll need to put some sunflower oil in a pan, add two tablespoons of green curry, four tablespoons of Peanutbutter and the other half of the Coconut cream can. Cook until it has a nice thick mixture.

When your chicken is nice golden brown and done in the oven, you can take it out and serve everything with the sate sauce and rice. 




Of course you can use your own imagination and add your own idea's to the recipe. I also had some creative moments and added or replaced some of the ingredients used above:
Red Curry used with delicious Turkish bread. This is a very spicy recipe. If you are bored of the rice the Turkish bread is a great replacement, you can dip it in the sauce... mmmm yummy!

Chicken bouillon used instead of fish sauce to give the chicken more taste. This is not a very quick recipe because it needs to be longer in the oven to mix all the flavors perfectly. 

Learn more

If you are interested in the Thai kitchen and you want to learn about more recipes, check this Thai Food Site out. The recipes are all quick and easy to make for the 'always busy types among us'. The 'health addicts' can go to the Good Food BBC page with biologic Thai recipes.
Maybe you'll go to Thailand one day, of course the perfect place to learn everything about the Thai dishes. There is for example a nice cooking school in Bangkok, check this one out here and book your own cooking class to become a pro at Thai cooking.

I'll hope you try this Thai dish out some day and be amazed of the easiness and a-ma-zing taste.